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The partnership between man and horse shaped world civilization and changed lives. That partnership continues today as horses empower the disabled, give purpose and hope to those whose future is bleak and enrich the lives of others.

The Equine Heritage Institute perpetuates this illustrious history and educates future generations about our long-standing relationship with one of nature’s most wonderful and utilitarian creatures, the horse. We are pursuing strategic partnerships with North America Riding for the Handicapped Association and other therapeutic organizations. Together we will train and prepare leaders to provide those with physical, mental, emotional and social disabilities with the therapeutic benefits unique to the horse and human connection.

The Equine Heritage Institute is pleased to offer a variety of lecture topics. The lectures are usually done in person with our founder, Gloria Austin. Ms. Austin is available to universities, special interest groups or for private gatherings. To book a lecture please contact the Institute at:

Equine Heritage Institute, Inc.
3024 Marion County Road
Weirsdale, Florida 32195

Ms. Austin continues to be an active lecturer in Florida. She can also be found keynoting at various equine conferences and workshops. Gloria’s knowledge and stage presence have made her an attractive and entertaining speaker.

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