The Measure of a Miniature Horse

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The Measure of a Miniature Horse

According to breed standards, the withers of an adult miniature horse are to not exceed 34 inches in height, which would make it about the size of a large dog. The miniature horse has a pleasing personality, and is often used in competition events like driving, jumping, obstacles, and halter showing. In the following activity, a stick model of a miniature horse will be made out of paper.

Objective: To make a paper stick model of a miniature horse
Time: 45 minutes
Materials: Miniature horse picture; full newspaper stack (or brown packaging paper); masking tape; markers; yarn; scissors

Saddle Up: Did you know that Great Danes and Miniature Horses have something in common? Well, they do. As adults, they are just about the same height and not well suited for riding. Okay, enough about dogs. Stand a wooden yardstick upright and make a mark at the 34 inch line. The adult Miniature Horses shouldn’t exceed this mark (34 inches) in height in order to be registered. In the horse world, Miniature Horses are very unique and CAN be used and enjoyed much like full-grown horses. Use your noggin to think of ways that Miniature and fullsize horses are alike and different. In the following activity, paper will be used to build a small-scale Miniature Horse.

For a group, each group will need 1 roll of masking tape and enough newspaper (5-2 page sections with a fold) to make five tubes. Follow these steps to build a paper stick horse frame:

Trail Talk: Name other animals that are about this same height as the Miniature Horse. What other animals have alike characteristics as the Miniature Horse (four legs, single hooves, herbivore, etc.).

Ride Further:
Interesting facts about a horse’s natural instincts:

McREL National Standards: